Thirteenth Birthday (2009)

Jamie’s 13th birthday and Jamie’s Joy Celebrations from the service projects to the butterfly release were all very meaningful displays of how Jamie and his legacy continue to be a part of all our lives. This year’s theme was on Jamie’s quality of peace, but love, joy and connection were also present as we continue to heal from tragedy through giving and service. Thank you so much for all you have done to make this such a successful year for Jamie’s Joy!
Service Project: March 18, 2009

We served (well, they really served themselves as it was pizza) and ate dinner with a group of folks utilizing the inter-faith shelter network to get back on their feet. That is also where we first met ImPerfect, and as you know they played for Jamie’s Concert a couple of months later. I’m sure it won’t be the last time Jamie’s Joy and Imperfect come together, as they are a perfect expression and just make you wonder what instrument Jamie would be playing. The night was very warm and comforting. We left full in more ways than one.
Bike Ride: April 25, 2009

We rode our 3nd annual bike ride, this time we stayed on this side of the border and participated in the Alpine Challenge ride with proceeds going to Children’s’ Hospital and a local college fund. It was challenging but enjoyable.
“Make a Joyful Noise” Benefit Concert: May 23, 2009

Jamie’s first public fund raiser was held at Christ Church Unity. The night was a great success. The three bands were all great and well received by the crowd. Tariq Khamisa’s sister and the previous executive director of the foundation, Tarseen Khamisa-Alaei gave a moving presentation and really showed why we were supporting their efforts. We played Jamie’s power point while Karl played music he has written for Jamie live. We danced and sang, ate and cried, laughed and loved. We also raised over our intended target, $3500.00. We had over 100 persons in attendance at the event and many more who became aware of Jamie’s Joy on 91x (a PSA announcement was aired both Friday and Saturday), through visits to the website and through all the community event ads that were posted throughout the San Diego area. An upcoming interview on KMFB radio will air soon, raising awareness of Jamie’s Joy even further. (click here to view original flyer)
Jamie’s Way Clean Up: May 24, 2009

On Jamie’s actual birth anniversary, there was a clean up of Jamie’s Way Canyon Park. We got the park looking fantastic and then held a ceremony releasing 13 butterflies. At the end of our time together we shared how Jamie is still touching each of our lives (click here to view original flyer)
Jamie receives recognition from the city of San Diego:

Jamie’s Joy received a Commendation from councilman, Todd Gloria’s office. It reads “He continues to enrich our lives through supporting activities and organizations that promote joy, love, peace and connection”. (click here to view document)

Chili’s Give Back Night

Thanks to all who visited Chili’s Restaurants on June 1. Here is a note from the Chili’s manager:

…I just wanted to let you know that we had a great County Wide turnout for your Give Back Day yesterday. From the 11 participating restaurants, we were able to generate $918.90 in additional sales! That’s a fantastic result for a fundraiser with us. I will be rounding up and sending a check for $100 to The San Diego Foundation soon.
Intention for Jamie’s Joy – 2009

“Jamie’s Joy will create the space for a joy filled, playful event that honors Jamie’s 13th birthday, attracts more than 300 people, raises awareness of how to turn tragedy into meaningful service and raises over $3000 for Jamie’s Joy Memorial Fund.”

Thank you for helping to make this intention a reality
And for the support and belief in Jamie and his Joy.

So much more than events: Jamie’s Joy is not a series of events, it is the story of a how a little boy’s contagious spirit lives on past his short life into a legacy of Love, Joy, Peace and Connection. It is a story of the family’s (including all Jamie’s many family friends) journey from tragedy to healing through service and giving to the community. To continue to follow that story and to see how Jamie continues to touch all our lives please visit our website again and again!

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