2018 Season of Giving

Jamie’s Joy Presents- 2018 Season of Giving

Jamie’s Joy is teaming up with Build A Miracle to make a new house into a home by providing all the interior furnishings and surprising the family with this gift.
There are two dates and many ways to help the Bortelli family (see photos and moving letter below). You can venture into Tijuana with Jamie’s Joy on either or both Feb 17 2018 (to work with the group and get to know the family.  We will be mixing the concrete for the floor and hammering nails on those days) and April 14 2018 for painting and the furniture
Passports are not necessary- a birth certificate and ID is good enough so, NO excuses.

The Bortelli Family

The Bortelli’s Current Home





All transport (from San Ysidro), supplies to work and lunch are included for $25 per adult (to help defray the costs).

If you would rather or also give some dinero to help pay for the furniture Jamie’s Joy will be providing for the family that is indeed welcomed. Our goal is to raise $3000. for all the home furnishings and nice touches to turn their newly built house into a home. (see their current home below and go to Build A Miracle website for before and after photos).

To send your tax-deductible donation made payable to Jamie’s Joy/SDF address to:
San Diego Foundation, 2508 Historic Decatur Road#200, San Diego, California 92106

To Donate By Credit Card

Call 619-235-2300 and they can take the donation by phone. Make sure to tell them it is for Jamie’s Joy.
If you need more information or already know you need to join us…. Call (619) 282-2553 and we will get back to you to answer all your questions.   And thanks, you for your support.

More about the family

Guadalupe (31) and is deaf and mute. She is also very hard working. Sergio (35) sells ice cream and earns about $60 US/week. They have lived in TJ for 35 years. They have 2 kids. The kids are Josefina (7) and Blanca (5).

They have been participating in our program (through Build a Miracle) for a while.  They are working to build a retaining wall on their property before we build them a home.  We are giving them the materials because they would not be able to afford to buy them.






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