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Jamie’s Joy 2016 Events Recap

Jamie’s Joy 2016 Gala Event

The kids of Urban Street Angels told their stories and it was named Jamie’s Joy Day in the 9th district by Marty Emerald. We also had local SDPD officers come and speak on how homelessness affects us all.    

We so appreciate all the support we receive from the community. With your help, Jamie’s Joy was able to raise over $6000 so far for our local and international kids in 2016. 

Some other highlights from 2016 for Jamie’s Joy

Interfaith Shelter Network- March 2016

Jamie’s Joy had a great time preparing, serving and eating food (x3) w/
the guests of the shelter and although the stage was a little hard it was fun to have a slumber party with the group.  


Jamie’s Joy Volunteer Crew at the Interfaith Shelter


Jamie’s 20th Birthday at Jamie’s Way Cleanup and Butterfly Release- May 2016   


Garden at the Language Academy

This year we were contacted by Julie Hammer who heads up the volunteer group keeping up the garden at the Language Academy where Jamie went to school. We had planted a memorial tree, aCrape Myrtle, back in 2002. The story of the tree kind of got lost over time, but it had been recounted to Julie and she reached out to us. We ended up meeting up with a large group of volunteers on August 13, 2016 to help revitalize the gardens at the school. Mychael was able to do some minor pruning on the Crape Myrtle we planted in Jamie’s honor and we were really happy that it seemed to be thriving!