Stages of Grief

Time stands motionless this morning
As I awoke
And Jamie is still gone
I got out of bed and
Looked in the backyard
There are wheelbarrows and caution tape
Signs that we have done something other than
Cry on the sofa
And Jamie and Demetri’s castle
And his swing set
And his dad
Standing at the window
Tears surging up
Quickly walking upstairs
Not to crush tears
But instead to let Mom sleep
Sitting at this lonely computer
In this lonely home
In the lonely world
Wanting to be with you so much
Wanting not to be here so much
Yet knowing that I must somehow find a way
To be here anyway
Knowing that what I want
Is not strong enough to overcome
What Is
“Stages of grief”
Knowing there are stages
Doesn’t really help to explain much
To the one in the grief
Stages of grief
Only makes sense looking back
With lots of blurring edges
And overlaps

May 30, 2003
By Dad

Copyright 2003 Mychael McNeeley

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