The Door Between

The door lies in front
I wish to open it.
A crack reveals
The sweet heavens
And my sweet, sweet son

I, over here
Reaching out slowly
For the knob
It backs away
As I reach
And reach
And walk forward
The beauty calls me
The love calls me
And yet, the distance remains
Between myself
My reach
And the world beyond the door.
My son plays there, and waves at me
He and I love each other so deeply
The distance between us
Is nothing
Yet the possibility
Not now
For covering that
So I wait.

Spinning around
I notice more beauty
Different, yet still striking
The beauty of the world
I see my wife
And the ocean
And mountains
And the wind and rain
Do I dare embrace, again
That which is on this side of the door?
Do I embrace what’s on the other side?
Do I balance the two worlds?
Not throwing away my time
But treating it as a gift?
A gift I don’t always wish to receive
But still a gift

My son smiles at me
His bright eyes and smile say
He will be there as long as it takes
for me to finish here.
He is ok, happy
And in a moment, a flash, I will be with him
And he will be happy then, too.

November 20, 2003

copyright 2003 Mychael McNeeley

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