The Jacarandas

The Jacarandas are blooming again
Bursting out in lavender
It strikes me
To think you died
Just before these
Jacarandas popped
Just over two seasons ago
This would have been a good
Year to learn about Jacarandas
To remind you
How to pronounce the word

We have planted
So many things
To remember you by
And will continue to plant
Blooming trees
Unique succulents
Things that proclaim
In the terrible
Midst of your death
It would have been such a joy
To teach you and learn with you about
These purple Jacaranda trees
To watch you
As you joyfully plucked and ate
Peaches from the weighted limbs
Of the small tree
We planted just before you left
And just before these magnificent

June 5, 2004
copyright 2004 Mychael McNeeley

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