The Longing

This longing
envelops existence now,
perhaps it always did
But it’s hard to remember how things
really used to be
I wonder if I’m alone

Longing for my son,
And more love and affection
And attention
Longing for joy
Longing for peace
Longing for so much sex and insane passion
Longing for a simple life and continuing to
Complicate the one I have

Longing for my wife
So beautiful and sad
Reminiscing about her grand joyous smile
Before the sadness took over everything

Friendships past
Fallen away like Jamie did
Longing to let go
And see the beauty of this life
Longing to give up the longing
And yet not knowing how

December 18, 2004

Copyright Mychael McNeeley

December 18, 2004

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