A Family Disconnected

A Family Disconnected

Death took our precious boy from us
But it did not stop there

In the guilt of grief an auntie fled

In the anger of grief a sissy hide

In the sadness of grief a mommy slide into isolation and then depression

In the fear of grief a daddy drifted suddenly away

One by One
And each for our own reasons
We scattered to the winds
The warmth of our home became just the space of a house
The bond of our love just a memory

It should be enough to lose such an integral part of our family
But to lose each other
The tragedy persists

Finding a means to absorb all the ways loss has demanded it’s due
Believing again in life and in each other
That is the prayer and hope of my heart

One by One
And each walking our path of healing
We will turn to the legacy left by our precious boy
and become a family connected by love, centered in peace and ready to claim the joy of one another


January 21, 2006
copyright 2006 Elene Bratton

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