A New Love

Grand Canyon






A New Love

My breath is taken
My eyes have seen the glory
My heart flutters
Made dizzy by the beauty
Mesmerized by my lovers touch
I feel faint in the presence of

Changing with each glance
Wowing me upon each gaze
So cool yet so hot
Mysterious, dangerous, alluring
I am unable to look away

Even after being away from my love
The image lingers
So beautiful and majestic
I am again drawn back
Wanting to be enveloped in the strength of presence of my new lover
Wanting to be swept away in beauty and hope and power and fullness
I can feel it in the “all” ness and smallness of myself against such an awesome sight
the fullness I feel being with a new love
a love of nature and time and eternity
as deep and wide, as old and wise
as the Grand Canyon
In Fact It Is


March 26, 2005
Copyright 2005 Elene Bratton

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