Easter Mourn

Easter Mourn

Why do you look for the living among the dead?

Jesus’ life and death are the pattern. Our spirits live even when our bodies die.

The pain lies in the death of the body that we love.
The hope lies in the resurrected spirit.

Jamie like Jesus is Risen.
His spirit lives on.

Ours is the missing, the aching, the longing for the part that dies
The body
The experience on this earth
The human touch
The ways we’d be in time.

One day our spirits will unite and all this separation will fade into the joy, like the forgotten pain of labor once the newborn baby is in your arms, all this anguish will disappear in the rapture of the reunion.

Until then
We will mourn
And we will speak his name
And we will celebrate his life
and we will honor is memory.

We will live in an experience of both life and death.
In that profound place we dwell.


Writing From Easter April 11, 2004
Copyright 2004 Elene Y. Bratton

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