Lost, Gone or Somewhere Beyond?

Lost, Gone or Somewhere Beyond?

We’ve lost our son
We’ve looked for him everywhere
In his room
In the yard
In both cars and the van
Around the house
At his school
At his preschool
We even started looking under the bed
And in the closets
In the cabinets
Hiding in the garage maybe?
Or down in the yard?

We’ve looked under and above and inside
We look in our hearts
In our minds
In our quiet times
In our feelings
And our memories

We’ve tried to feel his spirit, his presence, his essence
We still need him and we miss him achingly
Beyond our five senses to feel and touch and hear
The way that we are so used to being with him
We desperately seek a way to be with you, Jamie

We’ve looked everywhere for our lost son
Is our son lost, is he gone or is he somewhere beyond?

August 4, 2002
Copyright 2002 Elene Bratton

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