Loving Life

Loving Life

It welled up in me
And came out of my mouth!

I almost pushed it away
in surprise and unfamiliarity.

But having said it out loud I had to acknowledge it’s presence within.

Resurrected by connection
to earth and sea, sun and sand
Deeper than loss, and death and betrayal.

Can it still be true?
I love Life!
I said it, I meant it
I embrace it.

And just as quickly
The bottom goes
And I’m free falling again

Maybe that’s the rhythm of life
Break through to the surface
Gulp a big breath of life affirming air
Submerge into the darkness
Look again toward the light
It is there

It is the ocean
The mountains
The crashing waves
The rising sun
The clouds
The sky
The wind
The smell of salt air

It is life
And I do love it

By Mom
December 6, 2005
copyright 2005 Elene Bratton

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