Rage of Grief

Rage of Grief

Relent you bastard
Give way to the raging sea
The Ocean beating against your hard surface
You know you will become sand

The black drudge of the ocean’s floor
Makes it’s way to the crest of each wave
The ugliness finally revealed
As it retreats cowardly into the sea

The anger of the tide beating against the shore
Can not compete with the fury of this woman who has been scorned
I too rage like the ocean
I too beat against the rocks

Perhaps we are both finding our power in the crash of the raging waters
Perhaps it is part of the regenerative process
Perhaps after the storm will come the calm
Perhaps with time the perspective of the sun will help us regain a deep sense of knowing that all is held in the ebb and flow of the seasons

But for now we relish in our fury and delight in our dominance

January 1, 2006
copyright 2006 Elene Bratton

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