So Holy is Your Presence

So Holy is Your Presence

So Holy is your presence in my heart.
I honor your life within my own

Spreading Love, Peace, Joy and Connection to all corners of the earth and most importantly within my own being.

Knowing you are with me always
and that we shall meet again

Living and loving in that place of both/and

I meet you there and miss you here

In the deepest reveres I both miss you and I feel you
In the most intimate of places I see you
and long for your physical presence

With all my belief, faith and hope I know you are there and see
that you have gone

It is in this place of both/and that I both fully live
and wish to go to where you are

It is from this very vulnerable and precarious position that I open myself up to this world, this love, this connection, this joy and
find such peace in retreating from this world,
such rejuvenation in solitude

Holding you close to me and releasing you to be so

I open my heart and there you are, in a face, in a
moment, in every country, all over the world, and throughout the universe.

I open my heart and there you are. So Holy is your


Inspired by my time in India, seeing Jamie in every
step in every moment. Enjoy!

February 14, 2014
copyright 2014 Elene Bratton

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