The Presence of Angels

The Presence of Angels

I saw my little Jamie boy
in the connection made in one moment
of heart felt giving.
With something so simple as a Christmas ornament and a Santa hat
A precious memory was made for life.
She gave me 3 kisses of gratitude and introduced me to her family and hugged me goodbye bestowing on me her few words of English “Thank You”, Nancy said, waving and holding our glance.
“Your welcome” I replied, the tears of love welling up in my eyes
And in that moment I realized I had once again been in the presence of angels

Feliz Navidad Nancy and Jaime where ever you are.

Mama Elena
December 3, 2005

copyright 2005 Elene Bratton

Written after being involved with the La Jolla Christian church’s annual Holiday party in Florido, TJ, Mexico, where a group of volunteers provided gifts, crafts and photo’s to the families of this rural village in Tijuana. Jamie continues to do his good works in the world through our efforts to honor our son and serve the world





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