Thinking of You

Thinking of You

People think if I’m not talking about you, I’m not thinking about you.
But what they don’t understand is:
All I Am is Thinking about You.

People may think,
“Hey she’s feeling better because she talks and walks and Does and thinks”.
But I’m only Thinking of You.

People may try to talk to me of everyday life to “get my mind off it”.
But my mind is always Thinking of You

People offer their comfort and prayers
But my only prayer can’t come true and so I my only comfort is:
Thinking of You

All I have now is:
Thinking of You
My memories, my pictures, my thoughts of You
When you’re not here to be my little boy,
All I can do is think of You.

Every thing I see is something that You had or You’d want to have
Every place I go is someplace we’ve been or some place I’d want to take You
Every Thing reminds me of You

I don’t know what else to do
I don’t know what else I can do
All I do is think of You.


June 7, 2002
Copyright 2002 Elene Bratton

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