Where Did You Go To, Baby Dear?

Where Did You Go to Baby Dear?

Where Did You Go to Baby Dear?
Into there and away from here?

Do you look down upon us and wonder why,
“Why do you cry and cry and cry?”

Where did you take your eyes so Brown & Big?
Are you still as “Clean as a Pig”?

Where’s the light that sparkled in them so?
In a far away place that no one knows?

Where is the smile so cute and wide?
Some where beyond the great divide?

Do you feel happy or does your eye still tear?
Are you far away or still right here?

Who strokes your cheek or kisses your hand?
Is their touch as gentle, as in this land?

Where does your spirit and energy flow?
Spilled into the heavens, above and below?

You once told us you picked us from above
How, now, will you share your love?

Will you come to see us again?
Will our bond be forever, or is this the end?

Do you know more than we know?
Do you see more than we can see?
Will you feel our presence eternally?

Adapted from “Where did You Come from Baby Dear?” By George MacDonald

June 9, 2002
Copyright 2002 Elene Bratton

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