Eighth Birthday (2004)

Jamie’s 8th Birthday was celebrated this year at his school The  Language Academy with a Strike-A Cord assembly Presentation by Karl & Jeanne Anthony. We were able to attend a part of the presentation and talked to many of Jamie’s class mates.  What struck us was how many questions the children still had.  And how many stories they wanted to tell about Jamie. The told us how “gross” Jamie was for eating paste and putting crayons up his nose. They told us they were his friend and that they missed him.  They told us how sad they were. Most took a card with his picture on it and were proud to have that as a memory of Jamie.

Afterwards we has an open house in our home where we all light candles for Jamie, watched his power point slide show. Afterwards we told stories, read poetry and read notes to Jamie.  Sarah Goodman sang the song Precious Child and we all sang the Angel Song and Happy Birthday. We enjoyed a chocolate ice cream cake that we know Jamie would love.  We found many comforting words in our guest book and in cards at the end of the night.  We always miss Jamie in his body, the day of his birth is especially bittersweet. We are so grateful for his birth and all the love he brought to us, even knowing how it would have ended we would love you anyway Jamie.  We are so blessed to have so many friends who are supporting us and carrying Jamie in their heart.  We could not make it through these days without your care. It continues to mean so much to us that our friends and family honor and remember Jamie and that Jamie continues to make friends.

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