Eleventh Birthday (2007)

Jamie’s Joy
2007 Connecting

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s hard to believe that on the 24th of May, Jamie would be 11. Time moves along.

This year, Jamie’s Joy will be focusing on celebrating “connection”. We’ll be remembering not only our connection with Jamie, but our connection with each other and all that is.

In the spirit of connection, Jamie’s Joy Fund will be donating to the Smile Train. Maybe you remember Jamie’s infectious smile. The Smile Train gives an opportunity for children around the world born with cleft palate to have a wonderful smile. Besides bringing a smile to their faces, the surgery performed also can help them regain the ability to eat and speak properly. Please go to the website. It’s an amazing organization. 100% of donations go to programs.

One of the first organizations Jamie’s Joy gave to was Responsibility. Responsibility runs a school in Tijuana in the midst of the municipal dump. David Lynch and his group have educated over 3500 children in a place where previously most children spent their days picking through refuse. It is a wonderful organization. Take a look at Responsibility’s website for more info. We will reconnect with that organization this year.

We will also continue our annual giving to Save The Children.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, whether financial, spiritual or otherwise. If you decide to make a financial gift to the Jamie’s Joy Fund, please know that all of the money we collect goes to worthwhile organizations along the lines of our guiding principals. The generosity never ceases to amaze and touch us.

With Love, Peace, Joy and Connection,

Jamie’s Joy

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