Ninth Birthday (2005)

Jamie’s 9th Birthday- Joie de Vivre

We celebrated Jamie’s 9th birthday with a concert at Children’s’ Hospital on the Oncology and Orthopedic Ward. Karl and Jeanne Anthony performed their interactive all-time favorite children’s songs with an audience in the day room and then went room to room for those children who were unable to come out. The kids were delighted and uplifted.

We had a quiet gathering in our home to sing “Happy Birthday” and commemorate the day with family and friends. Jamie’s legacy of Joy was also highlighted this year with the gift of books and lullaby tapes made available to Children’s Hospital, The Language Academy, and the Southwest Region of Unity Churches Kids Camp. The books were provided by the I AM Foundation and the lullaby tape was not only produced but also sung by Jamie’s grandmother Fran DeVoss.

Thanks to all who remembered Jamie this year in person, in thought, in cards and in support to Jamie’s Joy Memorial Fund.

Below is a note of thanks from Children’s Hospital

On behalf of Children’s Hospital I want to thank you and your husband for bring Karl and Jeanne Anthony to Children’s today for a concert. As you could tell in the ORR Child Life Room, the children and families present had a great and meaningful time. I also heard that the patients in the individual rooms you visited loved having Karl and Jeanne come sing to them.

We also want to thank you for your donation of the CD, “Lullabies”. We will use them in our Child Life rooms and make them available to families.

I realize this was an emotional day for you and your husband because it is Jamie’s birthday. I know Jamie was smiling was smiling today because children’s lives were touched in such a special way through the music gift you gave us.

We will talk soon.


John Boller

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