Seventh Birthday (2003)

Dear Friends, (taken in part from a letter written 4/03 and updated after the event)

As we approach a year since Jamie’s been gone, we wish we could say that our grief is subsided, but it remains full. We are able to function in the world, though. The family is back to work, with Angela as p/t worker and p/t student. As the circle of the first year comes around, we find ourselves drawn to keeping Jamie’s presence and spirit alive in all of us. One way we are continuing to honor Jamie is through the Jamie’s Joy. We have recently formed a committee of friends to help us.

The group is also planning a celebration and story sharing on Jamie’s Birthday Saturday 5/24 at 2pm – 5 pm at the Center for the Moving Arts. This year we will reflect on the process the year has brought and how Jamie inspires us and continues to influence our lives. Karl and Jeanne Anthony will play music and entertain us in beauty. This will be a great way to honor him and help all of us get together to acknowledge the importance of connection, love, joy, and peace. We will again share stories of how Jamie has touched our lives.

This is one of many projects to honor our beautiful boy. To read more about other projects to honor Jamie see the “Jamie’s Joy” section.

We again put a words on candles that speak to Jamie’s spirit and ongoing presence.  We had a moving and good (as can be) day surrounded by friends and the energy and love of Jamie.  The kids had a blast with the art projects, the party cube and singing with Karl & Jeanne.

Here are the presents Jamie received on his 7th birthday:

Love, Love, Love
Fun, happy, excited
I Love you
Happy spirited friend
I like you
Miracles & Light
Alive Every Moment

Thank you for helping make this happen.
Jamie’s Joy Committee for 2003

Elene, Mychael, Angela, Julie, Ken, Cheryl, Melanie, Phil, Sherry & Danielle

Jamie’s Joy

Dreams & Inspirations

A Day of Remembrance and Honor

In tribute to Jamie Morgan Mychael Bratton-McNeeley on his 7th Birthday



May 24, 2003
2:00 — 5:00 p.m.

·         Sharing stories of how Jamie has inspired us
·         Activities for children* with Scott and Jen
(Families  Helping Families –
Concert with Jeanne & Karl Anthony









Planned Events

2:00-2:30   Social Time/Party Cube                      *Children’s activities 2 – 3:30
Party Cube  (reusable piñata)
2:30-3:30    Story Telling                                               Board Games
Expression through art
3:30-4:30    Concert with Karl & Jeanne Anthony

4:30             Cake & Closing

Location:  Center for the Moving Arts (in Hillcrest)
3255 5th Street , San Diego , CA   92013   For directions:  (619) 298-2687
Parking is available on the street along 6th  &  Balboa  Avenues  for free or by meter on 5th Avenue and surrounding streets.   Please allow 10 – 15 minutes to park and walk to The Center


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