Sixteenth Birthday (2012)

Some People Think the World is Round
But it’s really the shape of a heart
Because it’s God Heart
Jamie − 5 years old


Elene Bratton (Jamie’s Mom)
Jamie’s Joy Memorial Fund
c/o the San Diego Foundation
Tax ID Number:  95-2942582
619-282-2553 (h) 619-322-0028 (c)

Because his work isn’t done and his love still exists

Dear Friends of Jamie,

We are writing you today to THANK YOU on behalf of Jamie’s Joy Memorial Fund at the San Diego Foundation.

Jamie’s Joy Memorial Fund raised approximately $6000 this year for several local non-profits throughout San Diego County including Rady’s Children’s Hospital, Jenna Druck  Foundation, The Compassionate Friends, Save the Children Foundation and for the homeless  youth of  San Diego through the Monarch School.   You can feel good knowing that you were a big part of why this year’s event went so well.

Your contribution made a difference in the lives of local and international children, youth and teens by providing help for them find their own  Spirit of Love, Peace, Joy and Connection forever connecting them to Jamie’s legacy.  We also had many local businesses support our efforts and would very much appreciate your support in frequenting them. A list is on our website. And when you stop by tell them Jamie sent you!

We have exciting news about Jamie’s Joy. We are growing.  We are looking toward becoming our own 501c3 independent of the San Diego Foundation in the near future.  We are looking for those interested in making this change with us to form a board of directors. If you are interested please let us know by phone or e-mail so we can talk about what that means and how you might find fulfillment by being of service in our organization.

Jamie’s Joy Mission Statement 
Our mission is to honor the life of Jamie Morgan Mychael Bratton-McNeeley by enriching the life of all living beings through supporting activities and organizations that promote joy, love, connection and peace.

You give to Jamie; He continues to give to the world.

We again thank you for your support and hope we can count on you again in the future as we continue to work together to make our community a better place for all our kids.


Jamie’s Joy Memorial Fund Committee


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