Tenth Birthday (2006)

Love is Forever

Jamie’s 10th Birthday

Jamie’s 10th Birthday was celebrated through a concert at Children’s Hospital Bereavement Department  by Karl & Jeanne Anthony. We were able to be a part of the presentation and Jamie’s Joy was acknowledged as the sponsor of the evening. There was a clean up at Jamie’s Way on both the anniversary and birth date.  The area is beautiful and well maintained.  It is a peaceful place in the middle of the city where folks can go to relax and hopefully wonder on Jamie’s Ways.

Afterwards there was an open house in our home where we light candles for Jamie, and visited in his spirit and energy.  We all sang the Angel Song and Happy Birthday. We enjoyed four pastry dishes that represented Jamie’s legacy of Love, Peace, Connection and Joy (see photo below).  It was a delicious chocolate tribute that we know he enjoyed and  loved.

A ceremony was prepared for that evening by Erica Forman. It  allowed those who participated to acknowledge how Jamie has touched and changed lives.  Many who participated had not known Jamie in his body but have taken the time to know him in his spirit.  They have felt his blessing in their lives and are have  Many words of comfort and healing were found in the guest book and in cards at the end of the night. Another moment to share Jamie’s energy and love.  Jamie is sorely missed especially on the day of his birth.  All the memories of that first day come rushing in.  It was such a beautiful moment in time. We will always be so grateful for his birth and every moment spent since then spent in his presence.  We thank all the many friends, old and new, who support  us in our healing and carry Jamie in their hearts.  It  means so much to us that our friends and family honor and remember Jamie and that Jamie continues to make friends. 

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