Helpful Links and Grief Support

Grief Support- these are some things we found helpful on our journey into grief

How Can I Help?

This is a guide for friends and family of bereaved parents, namely us, in this case.  We put it together in the very intense first couple of weeks.  We realized pretty soon that most people don’t know what to say or do, so we decided we would have to let them know. If you are a parent or other person in grief, please feel free to use this as a base and personalize it for your needs.  We used information from other sources.

What Would Grieving Parents Ask of the World?

Again, as in How Can I Help?, this is a list of ways to help someone in grief. It is from our perspective, so it is not perfect for everyone, but it at least provides a starting point for those in the very delicate position of helping someone in deep grief.

Tools For Coping

Suggested Books

These are some books we’ve read so far.  No book is going to solve the problem, but they do help a person to realize that he/she is not going crazy.  Many of our feelings and pain have been validated by reading about the grief of other parents in our horrible situation.

Compassionate Friends Annual Holiday Candle Lighting Ceremony

Hospice Camps

Accidental Impacts Website

This is the first and only site focused on the special needs of those who unintentionally kill or seriously injure other people through accidents occurring on the roads, at work, in recreation, and so forth. Over 1 million Americans every year accidentally injure or kill another person — and many suffer acute and post-traumatic stress as a result — but few supportive resources exist for them. We hope this site will be helpful to the citizens of San Diego when these tragic accidents occur.

Expressing Feelings and Thoughts Of Loss

Use the sentences of this worksheet to write an expression of you loss. It can be done individually, in a family or group and shared.

Support Groups in San Diego

The Compassionate Friends– Nationwide in the United States- over 600 local chapters

The Elizabeth Hospice Center for Compassionate Care

When we lost Jamie, we were so fortunate to find the Jenna Druck Foundation. The Jenna Druck Center is now located within the Elizabeth Hospice Center. Ken Druck, through Families Helping Families, and now through The Center for Compassionate Care,  has provided invaluable services for the San Diego community since the tragic loss of his own daughter in 1996.

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