My Best Friend


My best friend Jamie is gone
He’s not in his body anymore
Here, I’ll tell how we became best of friends
I met him six years ago
His body was so small
But his eyes opened up to the heavens
And it looked as if he’d been around
For a long, long time
When he came to earth
I helped him learn how to talk
He helped me to open my heart
We talked a lot
And played a lot
And danced a lot
And held each other’s hands a lot
And we even shared a bedroom for six years
Even though we live in a big house
With lots of other places to sleep
I taught him some small lessons
And he taught me the some big ones
We told each other quite a bit
How happy we were to be here with each other
We thought we were so lucky and blessed
To be best friends
We tickled each other
And massaged each other
And laughed more than it now seems possible
We ate lots of oatmeal and peanut butter and burritos
It turned out he and I liked a lot of the same things
We hugged each other all the time.
I picked him up since I was so much bigger
He didn’t get big enough to pick up my body
He always was big enough to pick up my spirits
When I forgot to notice the beauty in the world
He reminded me of it
When he forgot to wipe his butt
I reminded him
I fed him and washed him
And did many things to
Help him survive
He might not have survived without me
And my wife
For the time he was with us
Now I’m not sure
How we will survive
Without him

Mychael McNeeley

May 25, 2002

© 2002 Mychael McNeeley

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