Learning to Live Again

Learning to Live Again

There are moments that are precious
that have a glimpse of the goodness of life
that are light to the touch.

I can see them and touch them at times.
I try to hang on to those times but they fade too soon.
They lead back to the starkness of what is real.
That loss and grief and longing are the central organizing principals of our lives,
a dark cloud covering the sun.

But the sun does peak out.
Laughter breaks the darkness.
Raell’s voice brightens our hearts,

until we again sink back in to the delusion of the perfect life,
the life before April 24, 2002.
The life shattered by life’s events.

And then we hold each other.
We learn to breathe again,
we learn to prayer again,
we learn to sing again,
we learn to live again.

May 3, 2004
copyright 2004 Elene Bratton


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