Reflections on the Journey

Reflections on the Journey
by Elene Bratton

Some things have remained constant as I envisioned them being over time

The freshness of the loss

The tears of anguish cried aloud to the depths of my soul

The loneliness of life without you and the longing for your physical presence

The missing you and missing the part of me that will never be the same, never be whole, never be truly happy

Some things have changed to dramatically I couldn’t have ever imagined

The passing of dear relationships

The distance of the loss of you to my everyday life

The lessening of tears

The busyness that lets me forget

The tiny moments when there is joy and everything is alright

Seeing you in my grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, that never had a chance to know you in your body

How you live on in all of us, the stories, the memories ~the Joy ~ the Peace, ~the Love~ the Connection

The Legacy that keeps your Spirit Alive in this world and all in those that honor you by living it

So now my Prayer for us that continue this journey is ~

~ to go on traversing this dichotomous landscape between life of the living and the realm of death

~ to process the ongoing changes that develop in our minds

~ to release to what the present moment brings

~to live the legacy in all of our actions

~and to always keep our hearts open to love

Prayer for the loved one (TCF)

Dear Mother and Father of the Universe

Help our loved ones who have left their bodies too soon

Comfort them in the light of Love

Their experience is unknown to us now

But our love is forever true

Let them know of our love and hear our hearts desire,

even through anguished tears,

Although our senses limit our contact,

we wish to be with them every day,

That our arms ache to hold them

This is our earthly experience

And although it is very real

We do not want it to hinder them from doing what their path now calls

Make them know we wish them all good

Mother Universe

Wrap our loved ones in your arms now

Let them feel the same love we shared here on earth

Father Universe

Give our loved ones your gentle strength

Play with them until they are overjoyed with laughter

Great Mother of compassion

Great Father of Strength

Bless us also in this day

Bless us as we try again and again on this his earthly plane

Bless our sorrow

Comfort our pain

Strengthen our resolve to continue each day


Father and Mother universe

Hold us individually and together in your love and compassion

until we are reunited and throughout eternity

©Elene Bratton 2006

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