Soft, Hard, Fast, Slow Up, Down Skipping along, running breathlessly, hiking happily, trudging the road, frost, rain, wind, fog, burning skin from sun so bright, and just right, crap on the road, stub my toe, split my knee, fall down, limp along, barely crawl, the helpful hand of a stranger, I make it somehow, back at it again, never give up. Walking alone, walking in pairs, weekly therapy with my best friend, a group of friends on Easter morn, sunrise, moonshine, sunset, dark and light, the dawn of a new day, scary noises and sights, beauty and the beasts snakes, and spiders, the howl of creatures you cannot see, dogs chasing and barking and sniffing eachin other’s butts, chitter-chatter of friends, politics, religion and life, soulful solitude so refreshing it makes your day, heart racing to its maximum pace for the best cardio outcome, breath and deep breathing, health, stress free living, loving, peace, joy, connection, ecstasy, bliss and ever changing magnificent views of the same place over and over again.

This is life projected on to the adventures and inter-being with a mountain from years of hiking at Cowles, our jewel of nature in the middle of the city.


March 15, 2011
copyright 2011 Elene Bratton

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