Your spiritual home

Your spiritual home

Christ Church Unity
Your spiritual home

I can still see you on the stage on children’s Sunday
You have something wise to say
“God loves all colors”
might be your reply today,
as you make your exit
by jumping from the stage
I feel so proud of you
Your deep connection
Your inner knowing,
That bursts through as pure joy and confidence

Do you still jump from the stage?
Roam Wrigley hall?
Run around the grounds?
Sit on the circle rug in room 4?

Somehow in this moment I miss you more
In this place
Where your memory is so strong
Your spirit cannot be denied
But is in stark contrast
It is clear your body is no longer here

Bringing me to the depth of my pain
The realization of the fullness of our loss

How many times did I forget to pick you right up after the service?
Today I would run right over
But today you will not be there
Not in your body
Maybe ingrained in the fibers of that rug
But not playing outside while your teacher impatiently waits upon me

Your spiritual home
The place where you were taught
And where you taught others
The true nature of God’s spirit
Pure joy and confidence


January 19, 2003
Copyright 2003 Elene Bratton

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