He’s Here

He’s here
And what was once inside
Is now out.
It’s been two weeks waiting
After nine months anticipating
I can hardly believe
He’s here-
Sleeping and pooping and breathing
With his blue remnant
Of an umbilical cord
And uncircumcised penis.
Call up God
And make sure he knows
HE’S HERE! He’s here among us-
Line up the trumpets and bugle horns,
Wheel out the blasting parade
And let everyone know
Of this perfect little boy
My nephew, your son, our reason.
You should see him:
Quiet and understanding
He knows something important, I can tell-
So still and real
So quick to adjust
So much like Buddha
And all the enlightened souls
He’s something to behold
So come take a look, hold him near your heart-
I’m tellin’ ya
He’s so cool and little and wrinkled
And best of all
He’s here.

-written May 24, 1996 by Uncle David

Copyright 2002 David McNeeley

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