Jamie in Everything

Jamie in bed. Jamie in

my bowl of oatmeal.

Jamie in the tree.

Jamie in the hallway

and on Highway 94.

Jamie in a cup of coffee, at the kitchen table

in new paint on

new porches.

he stares up while

I stare down.

Jamie on other faces

on my son’s shirt

Jamie in everything.

after he left he got all over

the internet.

he got up and

we went down, slipped deep into

a well of grief.

then we said with a hush then

“in the night now

we are in”

we said in rhyme


“a broken and open door

was broken for every time”

then “let me in

now, I can’t fix the door” then

he got in our T.V. sets

in our relationships

got written into songs

got onto a street name.

Jamie in the sky

rushing in a wave in the ocean

in the color blue

in the biggest way

in a Sunflower

Jamie in everything

forever and in reverse

spreading out

like a shockwave.
-july 21, 2004

copyright David McNeeley 2004

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