Moment Of Silence

I’d really like a few moments of silence
in memory of my beautiful nephew Jamie
if everyone would please stand
and turn off the TV and radio
and stop making love, and eating cereal
and building mud houses
for a few moments.
Maybe you never saw him
but you’ve felt him
if your mood suddenly had you pause
and contemplate peace
then you know him.
Please, just a couple sweet silent seconds
and ask the dove’s to stop flapping
the children to not sing
the runner’s to stop running
the warring to cease their gunning
quiet the blasting parade
stop all the plans that you’ve made.
Please, if all the mother’s would stop loving
the hungry to delay their shoving
somebody paint all rainbows grey
pack up the moon, put it away
dim the twinkling stars
extinguish the Sun, stop having fun.
And if it’s not too much to ask
forever let this moment of silence last.
Thank you.

-written july 16, 2002 by Uncle David

Copyright 2002 David McNeeley

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